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The Most Popular Video Editing Software Packages


About Editing Video

So, you have shot some fantastic video and are pleased with what you managed to capture and the depth and quality of your subject matter. Whether you realize it or not, you have only completed half of your video project. Now you need to edit the video you shot to cut out anything that does not have an impact on the scope and direction of the video. There was a time where only professional video editors could afford (or knew how to use) expensive video editing equipment. These days all you need is a computer with enough memory and storage to house the video you are editing.

Video Editing Software

Some of the most popular video editing software packages are:

  • Adobe Premier. This suite is popular because it integrates so seamlessly with the other Adobe software so well including Photoshop, GoLive and Illustrator. The software works on any Mac or PC computer and creates a professionally-edited video with myriad title templates. It also allows users to burn their edited video directly to a DVD if they are using a Mac.

  • Avid Express. Probably the second most popular and respected video-editing program available to professionals and consumers alike, Avid Express is the real deal. It is Avid's only video-editing software and creates extremely high-quality video cuts. With video, audio and color correction capabilities, Avid Express is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind.

  • Final Cut Pro. Arguably the top dog in video-editing software, Final Cut Pro is aptly name as it is the top choice for both consumers and pros alike. Though it has a fairly steep learning curve, consumers will find no better tool for pushing the envelope with their video editing. Mac users can purchase Final Cut Pro HD to edit high-definition video for the ultimate professional look.

  • Pinnacle Studio. Unlike Avid Express or Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio is fairly intuitive and easy to use for those familiar with typical computer functions. A user-friendly interface allows anyone who can drag and drop to edit video. Users can also jazz things up with dozens of scene transitions and title effects. It also allows for the addition of music and basic correcting.

  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio. The folks at Sony know consumer video and they know consumers. This software allows for basic editing including adding music and title and scene transitions. It is not for professional editors and generally good for those with only simple editing needs.

Cheaper Video Editing Options

If you are strapped for cash and do not need a really robust suite of editing capabilities, you may also want to check out some of the open-source video editing software increasingly available online. These are frequently free or cost very little and may give you what you need while you look for the software you need for more complex video editing.

All the software mentioned here can produce great, professional standard results. All of them will easily import audio and royalty free music available from us here at htpp:/www.royalty-free.tv into your video and audio visual projects.

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