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Music has evolved a mind-blowing array of styles around the world throughout history, with a rich variety of musical flavours and instrumental sounds to be heard. World music as a genre describes a piece that is identifiable with a country or region on the planet. We have many tracks featuring unique instruments from many countries, each that give the music its own unique flavour.

Some of the many world music styles that are available for downloading royalty free from this site include traditional Japanese music with Hayashi flute and the Tsuzumi drum; ancient Chinese music played on Thr Qin, or multi-stringed Zither; Celtic music played with the fiddle, tin whistle, flute, bodhran, concertina; African songs and rhythms using the Djembe drum, talking drum, cocotu, thumb piano and balafon; Egyptian music with tambourine flutes and drums; Spanish flamenco guitar music; eastern European gypsy folk dance music; reggae and ska from Jamaica; French cafe music on the accordion; Indian Hindustani and Indian music with sitar, tabla; Senegalese percussion music; Ghana sung vocal with percussion; Didgeridoo music from outback Australia; whale music from under the ocean (yes, really); Tibetan percussion and voices; American bottleneck blues guitar from the south; UK national anthem; Cuban traditional dance music; contemporary south African guitar instrumental; Brazilian Rio carnival music. All as royalty free music !

Visit our royalty free world music library and you'll discover an outstanding variety of stock that will prove to be an invaluable asset to any production requiring the addition of a sound that is unique to a particular country, many of which can be sourced from our copyright free world music collection.

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